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London New Years

A Light hearted blog to start the new year, on the topic of …. Well the New Year.

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For many years I have either worked (volunteered with St John Cymru) the new year or spent in Cardiff, so this New Years was to be different. I vowed after many years of saying and wanting to go I would spend the New Year in my old town of London and be one of those people standing in the cold anticipating Big Ben’s Strikes signifying the beginning of the New Year.

After starting my journey from Wales at 10am, reaching London at 12pm, I had at least 7 hours to shop and chill with friends. So the only place for it could be the newish Westfield Mall in Sheppard’s Bush.  A good old cheeky Nandos later and we went to the Riverbank (Embankment). We had to confront a large queue and done so in a very patient “British way”, however someone didn’t tell the hordes of people cutting in closer to the front at Trafalgar Square.

Once in past the ticket area we were free to walk around, chat etc being that it was only twenty mins to eight, so we had time on our side. The time to be honest goes quickly and atmosphere is brilliant, many tourists and other revellers from across the UK all getting on and exchanging pictures and memories. The music in the background helped a lot, especially the Queen + Adam Lambert performance.

As time progressed we got closer to midnight and said hello to the world via the good old BBC at quarter to midnight. Then obviously Big Ben stuck the New Year in but after the first dong, eyes were firmly towards the London eye – well some through their phones facing the said direction. The firework show was thoroughly enjoying and is very much better than being glued to the TV watching it. There’s nothing like being there in person, even though trees had blocked my view of Big Ben, at this time I was more interested by the events ahead of me- which yes I did shotgun a prime space. Very much worth the £10 per ticket paid, how did 500,000 people fit in the area at all ? There was just enough safe room with 100,000 as ticketed.

(Video – )

So the show was over and time for bed.

However that was not the end of New Years celebrations oh no, London has a fantastic New Years Day Parade, which to be fair showcased much of what is good about London and those who visit it.  Many an American marching band and cheerleading group came past, all happy and passing on New wishes- None of the grumpiness normally associated with London.

(video I took of the parade – )

For those contemplating going – DO !

Bring munchies/ flask and wear lots of layers and of course have fun defo worth the wait

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