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Why I started blogging

This blog is one I wrote for the following blog encouraging others to blog.

I started blogging as I believe I have lived an interesting life so far, with so much to share.

Over time, my experiences and day-to-day life have presented me with many once in a lifetime opportunities. I have met the Queen, while representing the Welsh Youth Assembly, way back in 2008; represented the UK in Mexico for the UN World Environment Day 2009; as well as having the amazing opportunity to speak in the House of Lords 2011.

I know from years of experience that the mysterious vocabulary used in the world regarding issues which need clarification, need to be broken down for everyone to understand and have the knowledge to act on that information. The old saying “knowledge is power”, rings true. This is another reason why I started blogging – to share information in such a way that enables the reader to understand in brief chunks exactly what is happening, and if they wish act upon it.

Blogs to me are important as blogs are more personal, coming from individuals, and not from the mass media. This allows blogs to be highly interesting; it can allow the reader to relate more to a particular person or issue better, or even tell the real story as to speak without the exaggerated bias the media can hold. The fact that the internet is open and accessible by many, allows a person’s blog to be seen by those who they will probably never meet, but will gain wisdom from them.

Being involved in blogging has also allowed me to follow other peoples’ blogs and read what they say on various topics – some we share and some we don’t. The ability to do so is enough. I feel through blogging, I can make a positive change that if I have someone reading my blog, agreeing or disagreeing with my thoughts and feelings, they are able to note why, and engage in a discussion. I strive for such discussions, as having real people’s views from everyday lives is an interesting and useful insight to how others perceive various issues in the current day.

This is what I love about blogging; it is an effective outlet where I can share my thoughts, experiences, and opportunities, freely, never knowing who or where people will read it from.

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