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Meeting with Charles Hendry 7th July 2011

DECC Youth Advisory Panellists met Charles Hendry in a plush Parliamentary Committee room, after being invited and allowed to watch him in the chamber answering ministers questions. the first thing we had to do was introduce ourselves (many of us are new members) to the Minister.

The minister led the panel in discussion he had wanted to find out who we were as well as who we represented on the Youth Panel. Hendry wanted to find better ways how DECC could communicate more effectively with both young people as well as the population at large. Technology was suggested by the minister as most of the population now had access to some form of social networking site or knew someone that had.

The issue of public attitude was an issue that both the Minister and DECC YAP feel is hard to counter balance, however feel that there are many ways how we may work together in an attempt to improve the situation.  The use of technology could prove useful to help tackle this issue and where websites like http://my2050.decc.gov.uk/ can be added to the curriculum or those with general interest.

The structure of the panel was also mentioned, Hendry wanted to know how and who should fill the 15 places on the panel. Should all the members be representatives from organisations or should it be independent members or a mixture of both. There was a consensus that a mixture of both was much better as well as having an effective geographical representation.

The minister wanted to see more panellists attend visits with him up and down the UK and to have a youth prospective but also to get others to think of young people when they make decisions. The meeting ended well with the minister wishing the new panel the best of luck for the next year and wish endeavours to be successful.

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