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Another Green League Failure

Another year has past and it’s the time of year that the People and Planet’s Green League is released and results of how green, universities up and down the United Kingdom are. Swansea University had performed dismally in where it dropped down the list from last year and only gaining one point score higher than last year.

The people and Planet’s Green League evaluate universities on how green and ethical they are, they do this by asking universities to submit information like environmental staff numbers and the environmental and ethical policies that the university should have and be continuously kept up to date. Swansea as said above scored  joint 122nd place down 6 places from 116th from last year, this is disappointing as well as highly shameful for the university having done so for the second time in a row. Swansea University had once upon a time been in a substantially higher position however this has seen dramatic decrease over the last few years, non more so than this year.

What has been going wrong ?

Well the university management have not committed themselves fully to this aspect of university life and to their seeming lack of interest  to get fully engage themselves with. Yes there are dedicated members of staff that have worked hard this year, they can do nothing without management support.  You may ask why should they care?, well more and more students consider other aspects of the university when applying rather than the conventional subject/ accommodation swaying choices. Recent research notes, up to a third of potential students actually decide on their university through such means and one being how environmentally friendly or ethical the university is.

Was it all bad?

Not all of the scoring was bad, the university preformed well in some areas such as the Fair Trade section of the evaluation . most other factors saw very little increase at all (if any). The university needs to reconsider it stance in regards to striving towards a more greener and ethical university, it makes moral sense as well as making financial sense with the every increasing number taking such grading into account. The university needs to provide more support whether it comes through financial or granting more power to the staff who striving towards making the university better but very much lack the resources in order to do so.

I call on the university management to seriously reconsider its position on where Swansea University will sit in the future  both environmentally and ethically.  There is still a lot of work that can be done and some tasks easier than others to complete, some could be done if a small pot of money was allocated to enact the changes needed. Lets not repeat yet another year of shame and embarrassment caused by coming in the position the university had, lets rise higher, with easy steps we could be gaining at least a high 2:2 if not a low 2:1 all it takes is actual enthusiasm and dedication from the university. Well Swansea University its now up to you how you decide to progress from here !

People And Planet’s Green League -Swansea’s Result http://peopleandplanet.org/green-league-2011/table?ggl11profile=5680&test=c737c9

For Rob Abrams – Environment and Ethics Officer’s blog on the subject -please click http://swanseaexec.wordpress.com/2011/06/07/green-league-failure-for-swansea-university/

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