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Countdown to Copenhagen Youth Conference, Liberty Stadium Swansea (Wednesday 1st July 2009)

Id like to start with the thought of how successful and motivated the young people attended were. It was brilliant to see more than expected numbers at the event.
We had a very inspirational speaker (Ben Saunders) who told us his sole expedition across the North Pole and his story of when he encountered a polar bear. He showed that when individuals believe, their dreams can become reality.

We had speeches from John Griffiths AM Deputy Minister for Skills and Jane Davidson AM minister for Environment, Housing and Sustainable Development. They had told conference how important the views of the young people were and what will become with all the work and views of the day. We had the young Climate Change Champions introduce themselves and told us briefly of their role what it involves and who they see etc.

Those involved with the creation of the film Age Of Stupid were also in attendance where they had shown us clips from the film. Which were of the dire consequences of doing nothing NOW, in order to avoid our extinction by extreme weather and water rising, in effect the suicide of humanity. It is set in the year 2055 and has the plot of the film is that if we do nothing now in 2009 we will end up how the film portrays in less than half a century. It had shown us consequences of consumer lifestyles that we live in as well as those who aspire to have the same. It as if there was many more planets the way we act as if there were more than the ONE we actually have and live on. It shows clips from peoples’ story across the world from years before and what has helped caused this destruction and extinction in order to explain to one of the survivors why no one did anything to stop it happening.

With speaking with the Welsh Young Climate Change Champions and sharing experiences and linking each others contacts to ensure we can work collectively as a team. We have many ideas which hopefully we can work together on in the near future. I had informed them of my recent attendance to World Environment Day in Mexico and of what I have learnt and to share as it is essential we inform others to try and change behaviours if we are to achieve our aims in reducing our carbon footprint and reducing the catastrophic effects of climate change.

The afternoon workshops were very busy with many members in each, I attended the WYFSD in what the causes of climate change are and how they interlink with each other and also how local issues can affect the globe as a whole so therefore action at local level can make a difference overall globally if EVERYONE pulls their weight. Then we separated into groups with others from areas close to us to see if there are projects we can work together on.

In Final thought ,we as young people have a duty to ensure adults know that we care about our world and need to remind them, using our voice and to lobby them ensuring they make those much needed decisions NOW before its too late for us all.

Lets HOPE at COPENHAGEN our leaders will do us proud and we as young people we will be there to make sure as its OUR WORLD OUR FUTURE.

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