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Environment day 2009- Mexico (stephen marshall -uk champion)

When thinking about Mexico most will think about the white sandy beaches and blue sea in paradise. I have been lucky to have recently been able to have had the chance to go to Mexico to learn about how the Mexicans are dealing with climate change and to celebrate the World Environment Day in order to see the Mexico many don’t even think of. I attended World Environment Day celebrations which made clear how we as individuals can make a difference if we change our behaviour. As well as this I also experienced many different areas of various biodiversity such as mountainous areas of La Gran Palapa to the jungles and lagoons of Sian Ka án in order to understand how delicate nature is and how we need to help save these beautiful places before its too late.
From attending the celebrations I managed to meet many celebrities and even be close to the president of Mexico which I never expected to do. It was good to see the celebrities also engaging with people to change their behaviour and displaying an appreciation of their responsibilities as role models. Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger emphasised in his video message the need for international collaboration, intercultural understanding and a whole world approach to tackling climate change.

From learning about rainforests and other diverse nature areas in the classroom I didn’t really get the feeling I have felt actually being there seeing everything in person makes such a difference. The feeling that humans and nature can live together can live together without harm. Animals in many areas roam freely, even within the hotel grounds, which was fascinating to see and I’m glad I had the chance to see many different types of animal I’ve never seen before and others I had known about but never seen in flesh. This had included the Ajoilette which is an amazing creature capable of regenerating parts of its heart or brain if damaged it is the only creature world that can do so, but sadly is very limited in numbers.

Learning about how the Mexicans are still in their industrial revolution but able to balance economic growth with caring for the environment was inspiring. They have taken many approaches which use ancient methods, often free from mechanisation which limits environmental damage as possible while still making economic progress. They still farm to provide fruit and vegetables for themselves as well as selling it in local markets. The way they work is unbelievable in the heat that Mexican climate, especially that which I experienced of 35*c up to 44*c which to me I would not be able to work in whatsoever.

The Mexicans were very interested in the idea of eco-schools which are becoming increasingly prevalent here in Wales. I had helped my old high school become an eco school while sitting on the student body, so was able to share how successful they are but also how they work and levels of achievement. The idea that although the effects of climate change differ from each person and nation but that all people will suffer in some way highlighted to all the indiscriminate nature of the problem. I learnt the individual can change how quickly and badly the effects of climate change will happen as their choices and lives if changed can help calm and slow down its effect.

The cultural exchange was really beneficial as it will help my newly made friends share our experiences while understanding each others culture, and how approaches may differ from each other, our aims and goals are the same. We need to work together and help one another in order to beat this problem which if not will affect us all with devastating effects.

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